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June 03, 2009

+ memOrabLe expErience +

..baru2 neyh aku dan kekngkawan ajk mjlah redaksi yg laen go interviewing dr.sheikh muzaphar utk muatkn artikel dlm mjlah UKM tu..memng excited giler la sbb dpt jmpa dah tu interview ANGKASAWAN negara tu pulak..hmmm..such an adorable man! dr. sheikh muzaphar; one in da million man yg for sure suma org admire him..tmbah2 gals mcm aku..^_^
..apa pun..even kitorg terpaksa tgu dr.sheikh muzaphar tu lama laa jgk sbb beliau ada shooting tyme tu...kitorg puas hati jgk la sbb tugasan kitorg mengINTERVIEW him utk mjlah redaksi UKM done very well..anyway, thanx so much to dr.sheikh muzaphar...


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