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August 19, 2009

+ hurt +

Pain pain go away!
Please do not come back another day.
Tears falling down my face
oh how I wish for his warm embrace.
Wonder if he cares about me.
Wonder if this is suppose to be.
How can he stand there and break my heart .
How did we allow us to grow so far apart?
My dreams of us being happy is not going to come true .
all I am feeling is down and blue.
Pain pain go away !
bring me back to another day .
where he loved me and
we thought we were meant to be.
I will not stop loving you that much is true .
but I will be stronger in time and not feel so blue.
you will always be in my heart .
even when we are apart.
One day I will have that warm embrace .
and tears will stop flowing down my face.
Pain pain go away !
leave me alone and do not stay.
* strong !