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January 24, 2010

+ c h o i i i ! +

penah x korg gadis2 dpt msg ntah pape dlm laman sosial cam FB, TAGGED or MYSPACE ?
contohnya :
hello how are you dear how is life over there in your country am here in malaysia my name is romeo and am here to let you know when i look into ur profile you look so pretty and sweet i need serious reationshipe from you dear i like to make friend with u bcoz am single and honest in life dear plz give me chance to come in to your life let live as onefamily together love u and sweet kiss to you thia is my email bigromeo19@yahoo.com u can add me or u send me ur email too thank i will be waiting to hear from u lovely one bye.
mcm ni ke :
u nie mnja la,, stim i tgk u! nk knal bleh??
ni lagi satu :
am urchman study in malaysia i went to ur profile and it was very cute pls can i have ure yahoo id to add u as best frd
ni pon :
salam..minat wat side income x?
umah kat ner awk?
blik kampung mak @ayah?
ngarut btol kan . kadang2 lawak pon ada . mcm bangang je !